Seducing the Heiress a review of the book.

1 01 2011

I chose to do my first book review on “seducing the heiress” by Olivia Drake

I finished it a little while ago. right now im going on a romance novel binge.

Basic information

type of book: as is obvious by its cover its a romance novel

Setting: London, in a time period when we still you used horse and carriage, a time when society was called the ton

Now these character s make you fall madly in love with them.

First you have Miss Portia Crompton. A wealthy heiress but without a title.  Her family just moved back to London from India. Where she grew up and you find out she hates it in London.  In the beginning she seems to be following her mothers wishes to settle down with a man with a title. In the first chapter shes there mingling with the ton and she accidentally slips that she has killed a tiger. the women freak the men are in awe. so you see a under current of the uniqueness. she gets saved by our other main character  Viscount Colin Ratcliffe by means of a strawberry.  She seems innocent of the ways of the world and the more you read the more you find out how innocent she really is. Later on in the story we find that Miss Portia isn’t quite what she seems. she is planning to run back and marry the maharajah’s son and not some english duke or viscount. She is led by passion and sometimes you just want to throttle her for some of her choices. The one thing i cant get over is her name.  Portia -means offering and in our modern society the first thing i thought of was car and her last name Crompton – is just as bad. but minus her poor name Portia is quite the entertaining woman.  you find yourself drawn to her and she ends up feeling like a sister who makes the worst choices imaginable.

Then you have our Romantic lead Viscount Ratcliffe.  He fits the tall dark and handsome build. you find yourself irresistibly drawn to him. he seems purely evil and roguish. which is what attracted me to him.  but as you read you find new layers and he becomes so much more then a rogue.  the first layer you pull back is that hes honorable, then you find out he helps others, and these layers keep coming each one more irresistible then the last. He is truly a great character.

Then you have a mix of underlings.

the women of society are dreadful gossip mongers and people who look up there nose at everyone and they are utterly delightful.

Portia’s mom is a self center women, who looks out only for her best interest. i personally wanted to punch her but it just goes to show she is a great character to inlist that responce from me.

Portia’s father thinks his Portia deserves the best. a little one dimensional but he bring some light-hearted fun

Portia’s sister Lindsey bring the comic relief which is oh so entertaining.

The viscounts mother on the other hand is a frivolous daft woman who needs men to protect and take care of her.

and you cant have a true love story without a villain. and Duke Albright provides just that.

the last three characters you have are the servants and they all bring there own element. They serve to help get the two lovebirds together.

the characters in this book are amazing and you would think with such wonderful living characters. this would be a must read, but then you wouldn’t be talking about the plot.

this is where my rating of this book gets harsher

the plot is all over the place. the characters sometimes do things just because the author wanted them to and not because the character would actually do it.  The lust of our heroine is a bit unrealistic and sometime verges on comical.  but even then i could forgive it and was still engrossed because of the in depth characters. Then comes the end of the book.

There are ways to end books. romance novels usually end happily ever after or at least the audience gets closure. however in this book you get a end like this.

break up. back together. Oh your wonderful. kiss. end abruptly.

the end was so abrupt that it took me a second to realise that the book was over.

for the most part i loved this book but the ending ruined it for me.

i give this book a rating of 3/5