Geek couture, when geek meets chic.

10 02 2011

this is the daily fix.

Has anyone seen the growing trend in fashionable geek. SO without further adieu i give you Geek Couture.

1) geek glasses.  a true staple of the geek

how do glasses look anything but fashionable on Johnny Depp.

But imagine having taking your glasses off and inserting a end into your computer.


Now where would a girl be without her purse. Now this purse is for every geek and even non geeks.

Its made entirely of keyboard keys and its designer.

Flash drives take a step to the couture. You can now get them in designer fashion, they come in two different styles jewels or wood.  Now you can keep your files with you and they will just look like jewelry.

Geek is also coming to fashion with this cut chic retro geeky dress. I mean who wouldn’t want a dress to match there 3d glasses.


Fine couture at its best and geekiest, Take a look at this Princess Leia inspired couture gown.


This was a high couture for geeks with the daily fix

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Back to the cards.

3 02 2011

this is the daily fix

We talked about how kings were historic but what about the ace.

When kings and queens originally played it aces  were the lowest card in the deck. During the french revolution that changed. games started to be invented like aces high. The Ace was symbolic of  the lower class rising above the royals.


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fishy kisses.

3 02 2011

This the daily fix

i think its time for a little bit of randomness.

fact #1 did you know that most lipsticks contain fish scales.

if your a girl it makes you think twice before reapplying your lipstick. if your a boy you might want to rethink that kiss.

My thought is who’s bright idea was it to put fish scales in lipstick in the first place.

The term French kiss came into  being in London England in  1923 as a slur on the French culture. Which was thought to heavily into sex. In France, however it is called a tongue kiss or soul kiss. The reason being if done right, it feels as if two souls are merging. In fact, several ancient cultures thought that mouth-to-mouth kissing mingled two lovers’ souls.


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Whats what . . . Hobson’s choice

1 01 2011

Hobson’s choice


(HOB-sonz chois)


noun: An apparently free choice that offers no real alternative: take it or leave it.


After Thomas Hobson (1544?-1630), English keeper of a livery stable, from his requirement that customers take either the horse nearest the stable door or none.


Hobson had some 40 animals in his rent-a-horse business and a straightforward system: a returning horse goes to the end of the line, and the horse at the top of the line gets to serve next. He had good intentions — rotating horses so his steeds received good rest and an equal wear, but his heavy-handed enforcement of the policy didn’t earn him any customer service stars. He could have offered his clients the option of choosing one of the two horses nearest the stable door, for instance, and still achieve nearly the same goal. More recently Henry Ford offered customers a Ford Model T in any color as long as it was black.

the man himself.

well that was do you give a damn blip

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fun about kissing

1 01 2011

This is the daily fix.

Today i feel like some light hearted fun.

So I’m going to start innocent and work my way racier.

Have you ever wondered what the X and O mean, in the XOXO .  The X at the end of a correspondence letter represent the contact of  lips during a kiss. Whereas The O at the end of the letter represents the contact during a hug.

The mouth is full of bacteria. When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

Hmm bacterial exchange anyone??   thats a different way of looking at it.

so the next time you kiss your beloved or someone just imagine that you are exchanging many of these little guys.

Kissing played an important role in ancient Greco-Roman culture and was seen as a sign of respect, thanks, reunion, and agreement, as well as as a rite of inclusion. Kisses were exchanged between peers, political leaders, teachers, and priests. Hence, the kiss of Judas (“Kiss of Death”) to betray Christ inverted the very point of kissing in this early Christian context.

Now everyone’s favorite movie kisses.

127 the number of kisses in  “Don Juan” which is the film with the most kisses.

3 minutes and 5 seconds the longest recorder kiss on film during the movie. that movie was “you’re in the army now”

There will be a part two to the fun facts about kissing.

this has been the daily fix

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