Geek couture, when geek meets chic.

10 02 2011

this is the daily fix.

Has anyone seen the growing trend in fashionable geek. SO without further adieu i give you Geek Couture.

1) geek glasses.  a true staple of the geek

how do glasses look anything but fashionable on Johnny Depp.

But imagine having taking your glasses off and inserting a end into your computer.


Now where would a girl be without her purse. Now this purse is for every geek and even non geeks.

Its made entirely of keyboard keys and its designer.

Flash drives take a step to the couture. You can now get them in designer fashion, they come in two different styles jewels or wood.  Now you can keep your files with you and they will just look like jewelry.

Geek is also coming to fashion with this cut chic retro geeky dress. I mean who wouldn’t want a dress to match there 3d glasses.


Fine couture at its best and geekiest, Take a look at this Princess Leia inspired couture gown.


This was a high couture for geeks with the daily fix

and i am your host


Things may appear larger than normal

4 02 2011

this is the daily fix.

Are things better when bigger. you decide.


1)The Division of Space Installations by Radford Wallis

An office building was being shown to potential buyers but they hadn’t split it up yet.  Radford came up with an unorthodox way to show the seperations between spaces. Personally i think it was pretty awesome.


I give you giant office supplies

2) Led giant shift button.

At many online stores you can now get giant shift button lamps. The gift to give or receive for your geek.

3) Now to laundry has anyone ever wondered what a giant Clothespin would look like. Well  Mehmet Ali Uysal did he is a artist and teacher who did a  giant clothespin for the Festival of Five Seasons, an art festival featuring massive outdoor installations.


my question i leave with you does size really matter?

this is the daily fix and i am

Back to the cards.

3 02 2011

this is the daily fix

We talked about how kings were historic but what about the ace.

When kings and queens originally played it aces  were the lowest card in the deck. During the french revolution that changed. games started to be invented like aces high. The Ace was symbolic of  the lower class rising above the royals.


this is the fix and i am

fishy kisses.

3 02 2011

This the daily fix

i think its time for a little bit of randomness.

fact #1 did you know that most lipsticks contain fish scales.

if your a girl it makes you think twice before reapplying your lipstick. if your a boy you might want to rethink that kiss.

My thought is who’s bright idea was it to put fish scales in lipstick in the first place.

The term French kiss came into  being in London England in  1923 as a slur on the French culture. Which was thought to heavily into sex. In France, however it is called a tongue kiss or soul kiss. The reason being if done right, it feels as if two souls are merging. In fact, several ancient cultures thought that mouth-to-mouth kissing mingled two lovers’ souls.


so thats the fix with your host

Playing cards never looked so historical.

30 01 2011

well the fix is back from my hiatus,

Playing cards and there historical beginings.

Did you know that the kings, queens, and jacks all originally stood for someone in particular. Everything about a ordinary deck of playing cards has meaning way to much meaning for just one fix. So i am going to focus on one thing. Today’s fix is about the kings.

the king of spades is  king David

king of hearts is Charles the VII

King of diamonds is Julius Caesar

king of clubs is alexander the great.

So now you know what the king represent.

this as been the daily fix.

Retail, Customers, and cashiers

27 12 2010

This is the daily fix

The world of retail is a world of its own. Bright lights, displays full of items to tempt you in to buying something you don’t need, stuff you want, and stuff you need.



Mr no: This customer says no to everything and then gets mad at the cashier when he does what he says

Madam slow: This customer is either very thick or just slow but if you see this customer in  line if front of you its gonna be a while.

Mr yes: This is the  customer that gets everything he sees on a infomercial

The grandparents: Sweet nice and sellable. They might show you or anyone next to you a picture of there grandkids.

The Lovers: All over each other and they don’t care

Mrs what do you mean reciepts: Everyone in the world knows you need receipts to return things but this customer is the one in line throwing a tempertantrum because the store is going to mark down the thing and take it back. Hey lady if you wanted to return it save the receipt.


Sweet and country: She is sweet and sugary sometimes

The seller: Can sell but does it in an obvious way

The power seller: Can sell you the shirt off your back and you would thank them for it.

the jerk: Nasty snarky and rude. You see them and think why are they working here.

the poor cashier: Only ever does the bare minimum.

This is miss fix,

and this is the daily fix.

The Daily fix, First fix

25 08 2010

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