fun about kissing

1 01 2011

This is the daily fix.

Today i feel like some light hearted fun.

So I’m going to start innocent and work my way racier.

Have you ever wondered what the X and O mean, in the XOXO .  The X at the end of a correspondence letter represent the contact of  lips during a kiss. Whereas The O at the end of the letter represents the contact during a hug.

The mouth is full of bacteria. When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

Hmm bacterial exchange anyone??   thats a different way of looking at it.

so the next time you kiss your beloved or someone just imagine that you are exchanging many of these little guys.

Kissing played an important role in ancient Greco-Roman culture and was seen as a sign of respect, thanks, reunion, and agreement, as well as as a rite of inclusion. Kisses were exchanged between peers, political leaders, teachers, and priests. Hence, the kiss of Judas (“Kiss of Death”) to betray Christ inverted the very point of kissing in this early Christian context.

Now everyone’s favorite movie kisses.

127 the number of kisses in  “Don Juan” which is the film with the most kisses.

3 minutes and 5 seconds the longest recorder kiss on film during the movie. that movie was “you’re in the army now”

There will be a part two to the fun facts about kissing.

this has been the daily fix

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Has anyone noticed . . . trends on facebook.

30 12 2010

This is the daily fix

The most popular facebook trend is the whole  “tag a friend facebook picture ” thing

Remember when you were in high school and you voted for things like cutest couple, class clown, ect.  This is version 2.0.  Pick a tag picture and let your friends know what  you really think about them. In turn you might find out what they think about you.  Just a bit of a warning, you might not like what you find out.

The second hottest trend is . . .ville

In other words facebook games.

people get addicted to these games. they offer mindless entertainment.

the last trend is youtube songs as facebook statuses.

i like it but the opinions on these are wide and varied.

comments as always are appreciated.

that was the daily fix and i am miss fix.

6 of the worst fashion trends

29 12 2010

This is the daily fix

1) shoes you cant walk in

Whats the point of wearing a shoe if you cant walk in it. If you atempted to wear one of these you would need foot surgery. Expensive and pointless. And lets just face it the only person in the world who could pull this off is lady gaga.

2) Way to comfortable shoes.

These shoes may be comfortable but they are absolutely hideous. Someone needs to find that fine line between comfy and ugly, they also need to find the line between beautiful and painful. Whoever said beuty is pain. Needs to wear a pair of womens shoes. These are like drugs “just say no”

3) Plug earings

Who was trying to come up with the next big thing for earings is going to be plugs. Why do people think that people seeing though your ear is fashionable. It is the apposite of sexy. Hey look carry i can see you through bobs ear. Why is this appealing? Piercing is one thing but this is just plain gross.

4) Enter the fanny pack

I dont care who you are no one looks good in a fanny pack. Not even Johnny depp and lets face it he looks good in just about everything.

5) low riding mens pants

what are boys thinking these days? this is not attractive. It makes people want to do one of two things. Option number 1 rip the pants off (and not in a good way) or Option number 2 grab pants and pull them back up where they belong. Men no woman thinks you look atractive like this.

while im at it the girl version of this trend is not sexy either.

6) Mullets

Whoever came up with this hairstyle deserves a special place in hell.

That was the daily fix of todays gossip

and im miss fix.

Retail, Customers, and cashiers

27 12 2010

This is the daily fix

The world of retail is a world of its own. Bright lights, displays full of items to tempt you in to buying something you don’t need, stuff you want, and stuff you need.



Mr no: This customer says no to everything and then gets mad at the cashier when he does what he says

Madam slow: This customer is either very thick or just slow but if you see this customer in  line if front of you its gonna be a while.

Mr yes: This is the  customer that gets everything he sees on a infomercial

The grandparents: Sweet nice and sellable. They might show you or anyone next to you a picture of there grandkids.

The Lovers: All over each other and they don’t care

Mrs what do you mean reciepts: Everyone in the world knows you need receipts to return things but this customer is the one in line throwing a tempertantrum because the store is going to mark down the thing and take it back. Hey lady if you wanted to return it save the receipt.


Sweet and country: She is sweet and sugary sometimes

The seller: Can sell but does it in an obvious way

The power seller: Can sell you the shirt off your back and you would thank them for it.

the jerk: Nasty snarky and rude. You see them and think why are they working here.

the poor cashier: Only ever does the bare minimum.

This is miss fix,

and this is the daily fix.

The Daily fix, First fix

25 08 2010

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