Has anyone noticed . . . trends on facebook.

30 12 2010

This is the daily fix

The most popular facebook trend is the whole  “tag a friend facebook picture ” thing

Remember when you were in high school and you voted for things like cutest couple, class clown, ect.  This is version 2.0.  Pick a tag picture and let your friends know what  you really think about them. In turn you might find out what they think about you.  Just a bit of a warning, you might not like what you find out.

The second hottest trend is . . .ville

In other words facebook games.

people get addicted to these games. they offer mindless entertainment.

the last trend is youtube songs as facebook statuses.

i like it but the opinions on these are wide and varied.

comments as always are appreciated.

that was the daily fix and i am miss fix.