Things may appear larger than normal

4 02 2011

this is the daily fix.

Are things better when bigger. you decide.


1)The Division of Space Installations by Radford Wallis

An office building was being shown to potential buyers but they hadn’t split it up yet.  Radford came up with an unorthodox way to show the seperations between spaces. Personally i think it was pretty awesome.


I give you giant office supplies

2) Led giant shift button.

At many online stores you can now get giant shift button lamps. The gift to give or receive for your geek.

3) Now to laundry has anyone ever wondered what a giant Clothespin would look like. Well  Mehmet Ali Uysal did he is a artist and teacher who did a  giant clothespin for the Festival of Five Seasons, an art festival featuring massive outdoor installations.


my question i leave with you does size really matter?

this is the daily fix and i am