6 of the worst fashion trends

29 12 2010

This is the daily fix

1) shoes you cant walk in

Whats the point of wearing a shoe if you cant walk in it. If you atempted to wear one of these you would need foot surgery. Expensive and pointless. And lets just face it the only person in the world who could pull this off is lady gaga.

2) Way to comfortable shoes.

These shoes may be comfortable but they are absolutely hideous. Someone needs to find that fine line between comfy and ugly, they also need to find the line between beautiful and painful. Whoever said beuty is pain. Needs to wear a pair of womens shoes. These are like drugs “just say no”

3) Plug earings

Who was trying to come up with the next big thing for earings is going to be plugs. Why do people think that people seeing though your ear is fashionable. It is the apposite of sexy. Hey look carry i can see you through bobs ear. Why is this appealing? Piercing is one thing but this is just plain gross.

4) Enter the fanny pack

I dont care who you are no one looks good in a fanny pack. Not even Johnny depp and lets face it he looks good in just about everything.

5) low riding mens pants

what are boys thinking these days? this is not attractive. It makes people want to do one of two things. Option number 1 rip the pants off (and not in a good way) or Option number 2 grab pants and pull them back up where they belong. Men no woman thinks you look atractive like this.

while im at it the girl version of this trend is not sexy either.

6) Mullets

Whoever came up with this hairstyle deserves a special place in hell.

That was the daily fix of todays gossip

and im miss fix.