fun about kissing

1 01 2011

This is the daily fix.

Today i feel like some light hearted fun.

So I’m going to start innocent and work my way racier.

Have you ever wondered what the X and O mean, in the XOXO .  The X at the end of a correspondence letter represent the contact of  lips during a kiss. Whereas The O at the end of the letter represents the contact during a hug.

The mouth is full of bacteria. When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

Hmm bacterial exchange anyone??   thats a different way of looking at it.

so the next time you kiss your beloved or someone just imagine that you are exchanging many of these little guys.

Kissing played an important role in ancient Greco-Roman culture and was seen as a sign of respect, thanks, reunion, and agreement, as well as as a rite of inclusion. Kisses were exchanged between peers, political leaders, teachers, and priests. Hence, the kiss of Judas (“Kiss of Death”) to betray Christ inverted the very point of kissing in this early Christian context.

Now everyone’s favorite movie kisses.

127 the number of kisses in  “Don Juan” which is the film with the most kisses.

3 minutes and 5 seconds the longest recorder kiss on film during the movie. that movie was “you’re in the army now”

There will be a part two to the fun facts about kissing.

this has been the daily fix

and i am your host miss fix